What Makes Us Different?

  1. Over 35 years' experience in helping individuals with their money
  2. Unmatched simplicity in explaining concepts and legal documents
  3. Creative strategies to help clients maximize results
  4. An in-depth understanding of each client's needs

Every year thousands of hard-working retired people pass away, leaving behind what they feel to be a comprehensive estate plan, but not knowing that they could have had a much more meaningful impact on their families. In reality, most plans are structured through a law firm and/or CPA firm. However, neither of these professionals nor their companies have the expertise of comprehensive lifestyle planning as with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and therefore do not realize the significance of what such planning can do for their client, the client’s family and beneficiaries. Most often what you (the client) actually end up with is the attorney’s or CPA’s estate plan, not yours.

Often what people believe to be a coherent and all embracing plan does not ultimately carry out their true desires, and potential money can end up going to ungrateful and wasteful beneficiaries, not to mention the federal government, by way of unnecessary taxes. Unfortunately, it all comes to the surface after the client has passed away.

An analogy would be if you were building your dream home, you would not use your builder and/or electrician to get the plans drawn up; you would seek out an experienced professional architectural firm first. Attorneys and CPAs, similar to builders and electricians, have their place, but not in drafting the architectural design of what is arguably the most important document of your life. These individuals’ responsibilities lie in the putting together and the building of the documents once the blueprints have been fully completed by an experienced and qualified Certified Financial Planner who specializes in lifestyle planning.

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